How does a Sport to Schools breakfast club work?

We are aware that school teachers have very busy time schedules so when we run a breakfast club in a school we look to take as much of the organisation and responsibility upon ourselves as possible. We create flyers and posters to promote the club when it begins and then administrate all of the registration of children as well as liaise with parents for bookings and payments. 


Parents would book their children into the club on a day by day basis and payment will be arranged directly with our staff to alleviate any pressure on the school office. All food and breakfast equipment will be brought in externally as to not inconvenience the schools kitchen staff which our coaches will be responsible for preparing as well as maintaining.    

What do we provide at our breakfast clubs? 

At our breakfast clubs we always provide a variety of healthy tasty cereals and and toasts to cater for everyones needs. All our produces is freshly bought and we cater for any special dietary requirements. This again will be organised by our staff for your convenience.

How does payment work?

The club would run every morning from 7:45 until the coaches deliver the children into their classes at the start of the school day. Parents have the option of dropping their children off at any time form 7:45 onwards depending on their own schedule. Parents then have the option of their children attending the club without eating any breakfast for £2.50 or paying £3.00 if their children do eat breakfast. All payments would go directly to Sports to Schools coaches who will administrate this process.

School hosted breakfast clubs have frequently been in the media in recent months. Increasing numbers of children are arriving at school having not had breakfast which can impact negatively on their learning and behaviour. Breakfast Clubs have proven to have a positive impact on punctuality, academic results, concentration, behaviour and attainment and many more schools are looking to introduce on site breakfast clubs.

Positive impact of a breakfast club 

One organisation, Magic Breakfast, who run breakfast clubs in schools with 35%+ free school meals surveyed teachers and found the following positive results:

    •    88% had seen improved attainment and attendance

    •    94% had seen more positive social skills

    •    93% saw improved concentration

    •    74% saw improved behaviour

    •    75% noticed improved relationships between the school and the parent