This involves coaching a curriculum that has been developed over eight years of working in local schools and in conjunction with head teachers and PE co-ordinators. This curriculum customarily covers a wide aspect of developing skills and participating in games and sports across KS1 and KS2. This curriculum runs in conjunction with national schemes of work.

Our team will teach basic and advanced skills and practices across multiple sports and skills. We have always taken extensive steps to offer the best that we are able in any requested area. This curriculum can of course be reworked at the schools design or need. We dedicate ourselves to our flexibility to the school’s needs, dedication to excelling and on building strong relationships with staff. 

We develop good working relationships with the staff in order to cultivate a resourcing atmosphere to teaching staff. Working in partnership with the school to suit their specific needs is a high priority for Sport to Schools. We work hard at constructing ways for our coaches to impact their skills to staff. This can be through staff ‘shadow’ sessions, planning and evaluation or by our coaches running PE development sessions for teaching staff to learn and practice new skills.

In most schools we work with our coaches write up session plans/reports for every PE session deliver including individual assessment charts for each child which are in line with OFSTED expectations for outstanding PE delivery. This has been taken up by many schools as a very effective record for assessment of PE delivery in a school.